Best Card of Innistrad Spoiled Already

Yep, I said it. We've only seen 76 of 264, and I've proclaimed one card best of them all. It's not a rare... it's an uncommon. It's also a 1/1. It's this card:

This is slightly better than one of my old favorites: Silhana Ledgewalker. They share the same mana cost, albeit in different colors, the same keyword (Hexproof, if you count Oracle text), and most of a second ability. The main difference? The words "except by creatures with flying." Unblockable is just so much sweeter. And as much as I loved slapping a Moldervine Cloak on Silhana Ledgewalker, well... just read on...

So why do I call this the best creature in the set? Not because it is so spectacular on its own. Even if it is difficult to kill, a 20 turn clock just isn't fast enough. No, this is the best card in the set because of the way it interacts with some of our favorite equipment cards from the previous block: swords.

I've spent quite a bit of time now running Dungrove Elder and Thrun, the Last Troll in decks with lots of swords. If my biggest complaint about those guys isn't immediately obvious, it's their lack of evasion. Hard to kill? Absolutely. Easy to chump block? Yeah, that too. Invisible Stalker makes it certain that you'll hit for a little more and gain some life (Sword of War and Peace), or untap your lands and force a discard (Sword of Feast and Famine), or mill ten and make a wolf (Sword of Body and Mind). Yeah, about that last one... I seriously doubt I'll be playing that particular sword when Innistrad rotates in. Milling ten in a format with so many cards with Flashback might be suicide.

When Innistrad becomes legal, you can bet that you'll see me swinging with some of these guys... and I'll probably be untapping my lands when damage resolves.
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