Dark Ascension Spoiler

It's probably a little early to be posting about this, since we know so little about the set. However, Wizards of the Coast has made some announcements about the set, and here's what we know so far:

2nd Set in the Innistrad Block
158 Cards
Prereleases: January 28th & 29th
Official Release Date: February 3rd
Launch Parties: February 3-6
Game Day: February 25-26 (originally listed as March 3-4, but updated here)
Three Letter Code: DKA
Twitter Hashtag: #MTGDKA
Design Team: Mark Rosewater (lead), Jenna Helland, Zac Hill, Graeme Hopkins, Matt Tabak
Development Team: Tom LaPille (lead), Mark Gottlieb, Zac Hill, David Humpherys, Ken Troop

I love this Sorin artwork... kudos to Michael Komarck for this one!
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