Midweek Metapost: Gaming Through the Stress

September is tough for me as a blogger, as I also work in public education and the beginning of a new school year is incredibly time consuming... and that's not counting the onslaught of work from the two graduate level courses I'm taking. For the most part, my blogging has come to a screeching halt.

However, I am doing better about not pushing gaming out of the picture this year. I usually find myself even more stressed out than necessary because I cancel all of my gaming activities and I end up a workaholic... and anyone who knows me well knows that I am far from a workaholic. Getting into that "all work and no play" mindset makes me grumpy, sleep-deprived, and somewhat of a recluse. This year, though, I've kept on gaming straight through all the business of life. And I feel much healthier because of it.

If you haven't noticed from my most recent posts, I took a headlong leap back into the Magic: The Gathering scene. Wargaming and RPGs have just been too difficult to schedule lately. One of my regular players is lacking a car at the moment and another just spawned a new kid, so most of my group is wrapped up in other issues that make game night less of a priority. Just like usual, when other games become less practical, I turned to Magic tournaments for my gaming fix. See this old post for more on switching to card games at times like this.

However, my brother (the one who just spawned), has a potential new recruit for the group and hopefully a campaign of his own brewing. There is just no way that I'll have any time to DM a game any time soon, so if any RPGs are on the horizon, someone else will have to shoulder that responsibility. He mentioned D&D 3.5, so I might get the chance to try out one of a half dozen character ideas that have hit me since our last campaign but haven't seen play yet. Or maybe I'll just recreate Zakninid in the 3.5 ruleset to save some time.

While I'm waiting for life to slow down and that campaign to begin, I'll still be playing cards on the weekends and blogging sporadically. Until things slow down, though, you'll likely see a flood of Magic: The Gathering content and not much else. Don't worry, though... if you're here for D&D, Rifts, or 40K content, they haven't disappeared... they're just in reserve until my time crunch issues improve.
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