Thursday, October 6, 2011

Icosahedron Art

Strolling through little shops and stuff in Asheville, North Carolina last weekend brought me face to face with this work of art. I was wandering downtown with some friends, just exploring and checking things out, when we came to this store and one of the ladies just had to go in. Figures... frickin' flower shop...

It's called Shady Grove Flowers. Honestly, I was bored to tears in there until I saw the giant metal D20 on the stump. And the first thing I thought? Holy crap! That's a big D20! Check this crap out...

It is in times like these when I have little or no time to write or roll my own little plastic D20's that little things like this make me really miss gaming.

1 comment:

  1. Cool... Zen and the art of dungeons and dragons :)

    It's strange when you run into things like this (words, images and shapes) that remind you of rpgs, and the connection seems so blatantly obvious, but the creator has no clue to what they connected to.


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