Innistrad League Play

The Dugout is beginning an Innistrad league this weekend. I've never participated in anything like this before, except on a small scale within my gaming group. Essentially, it's a sealed deck event that takes place over a long period of time and incorporates some Vanguard-like qualities that vary from week to week. Rules for this six week event were emailed out in the newsletter last week:

OK so we’re gonna host a new league and you want in! Here’s what’s up. To begin week 1 (the league is 6 weeks long) you need to purchase 6 Innistrad boosters and build a minimum 40 card deck. Then within the next week, you play as many matches as you want to, but the first five and only the first five count toward your league score. The cool thing about playing the matches is that you pick who you want to play and when you want to play. You can schedule to meet your opponents at a certain time and play or you can play when we have some “league time” set aside. For example, if you want to play a few games one morning and then come back that afternoon and play some more its fine. All games must be played at the store. You may play as many games as you wish and make as many changes to your deck as you like during each week (only from your card pool though) you will only receive points for your first 5.
So week one ends and now it’s time to purchase another booster and add it to your card pool. Make any changes you like to your deck and play more games during that week. Each week you can get 1 additional booster. Now the coolest part of all is the effect that the moon of Innistrad has on your games. During week 2 for example, all creatures will get +1+0 for the entire week. This is a global effect and part of the league structure. Week 3 -6 have similar effects and in week 6 all creatures have haste! The top 4 in points at the conclusion of 6 weeks will receive a mini poster with artwork from Innistrad. Why not packs? Simply because this is intended to be a light-hearted and casual event played for fun and hanging out. If you win, great! If you don’t win, oh well. Just have fun.
Now some guidelines.
As stated earlier, all games must take place in the store.
It’s up to you to make arrangements to meet your opponents. Any time we are open is fine and we may have a time set aside for everyone to just come hang out and play. Perhaps we will stay open a little later on Thursday nights and have a casual night or something and have some “league time”
I reserve the right to grant an additional booster to players with exceptionally bad points ratings to keep it competitive and fun for everyone. This is our first league so we will learn what works and does not work. Just enjoy the game.
If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to call or email and ask.
Thanks, Tim S
Many thanks to Tim for coming up with ideas like this and getting people involved in more than just the competitive scene of Magic: The Gathering. Although I prefer the competition, cool opportunities like this are hard to pass up.

As for me, I've got four hours to finish a thirty minute presentation that's due in my night class tomorrow. As long as I finish (fingers crossed), I'll be at the store by 2:00 to play in today's draft and start this league. Back to work... it's crunch time!
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