Friday, November 11, 2011

Skyrim Crash Problems

I played through much of the intro just fine... no lag, no slow frame rate, no bugs, no audio issues... until the character customization. And then my whole system crashed... completely shut down as if I had hit the power button. I tried twice more, the first time getting a little further before the crash, and the second time getting all the way through.

"Whew!" I thought. "There's a bug in the character creation part, but now that I'm past that, I can get into this game."

And I did get to for a while... all the way to the part where you actually get to start interacting with the world and picking up equipment. I equipped a sword, took a swing, and watched as my screen went black yet again.

I'm not sure what's going on. I thought the issue might have just been in the character creation stage, but my crashes haven't been limited to that.

This is quite a frustrating development. It also took me several days to play Fallout 3 when it first released because of system crashes. Come on, Bethesda... throw me a bone here...

I'm playing (or at least trying to) on an Asus G74SX, for reference.

UPDATE: It looks like the issue was accumulated dust inside the machine. I bought compressed air and intended to open up the whole laptop and clean everything out... but I got nervous taking everything apart, so I went with the vacuum cleaner trick that Vojta used. I am happy to say that I haven't had a crash since.


  1. Exact same problem, exact same model. I has a sad.

  2. Update: I just got in a solid 4 hours of playing time before another crash by switching graphics to medium level.

    For now, I'm going to switch to low graphics and see if that makes a difference. I don't know if that's the key, but I shouldn't have to do that with my machine. I have a laptop built for gaming, and Skyrim is making me turn down the graphics... it's kind of pissing me off.

  3. Same problem, only I've got an Nvidia 8800GT. A bit sloppy but it shouldn't fucking cause this on lower settings, especially when it managed to run The Witcher 2 on high settings almost seamlessly. I'm not kinda pissed off, I'm ready to throw this game into a goddamned wall.

  4. Now that I've played through more, I don't think the graphics are the issue. I switched back to high graphics on a whim just to see what would happen, and I went several hours last night without a crash.

    What's driving me nuts is how random the crashes seem to be. For example, (slight spoiler alert) I got caught off guard by a troll on the way up to High Hrothgar. I killed it on the first try, but went through a lot more healing potions than I was happy with. I decided I wanted to replay the fight, so I loaded a quicksave from just a few minutes before. On the way up to the same spot, it crashed. I just battled the thing five minutes earlier, and on the second try I didn't even make it up the mountain to the fight without a crash.

    Reboot... try again... no issues at all this time, and continued playing for another hour or so before getting tired and voluntarily turning off the game.

    So... freakin'... random...

  5. Same thing - complete CRASH- computer just turn itsel off and i have to try twice to make it work again. If anyone will fix it please let me know. Post it here.

    Thans alot.

  6. Same deal here. Playing on an Asus G73JH, which should be able to easily handle the graphics. Thought it was just overheating due to the intense graphics, so I went through the same process as others--dialed down anti-aliasing and other graphic details. Still crashing. Very frustrating.

  7. My System is going to crash everytime i load the ingame Map menu. But without map it seems to be impossible to find the locations quired for quests. Arrrg it hate this damn bugs.

  8. I am having the exact same crashes, At first thought it was due to my RHD 6870 was overclock but these exact problems that you guys have mentioned keep happening. hope there is a fix to this soon

  9. At least, its not just me, who having this frustrating problem, so there is still hope that someone will fix it..
    Its impossible to enjoy playing when you know that it will crash in some time.

  10. I've tried some fixes, and none have worked. For reference, failed attempts to fix the problem for me have included:

    -Scaling down graphics
    -Updating drivers
    -Switching sound card to 16 bit

    Unfortunately, if you Google these crashes, most people are crashing to the desktop. Our crashes are turning off the whole machine, so I doubt that the fixes that seem to work for everyone else will do any good for us.

    Good news: I do manage a few hours of play between crashes, so I've diligently worked my way up to level ten... and this game is amazing when it works.

  11. yeah you´re right about desktop crashing problem. We have to write about it because then more people will be able to find these forums (google) and add their problem and then some clever guy must notify us and FIX it. I tried game booster, i was managing sound and also graphics, nothing worked!

    But it seem that when computer is ,,Fresh" he lasts longer than when im starting the game again and again after crash. Im scared that this shows that problem is in not enough strong hardware, but the game is runnig smoothly.. I dont know. It runs just ok and then crash.

  12. Well I can tell you like this, atleast your problem crashes, mine doesn't crash, it exits to the desktop repeatedly. The game doesn't crash, it quits on me. I've tried it on my gaming machine, and a second desktop, same effect on either. So I fidgured it was 64bit Windows 7, so I installed on my secondary hard drive on my Windows XP 32 bit install. Same effect. It is so random it is hard to fidgure out. I have had the game exit during a conversation, while running through the middle of no where, to opening the mini map. I've tried restarting, shutting off my anti virus, loading the game, and it will crash to desktop 5 minutes in, and last an hour after my computer has been on 2 hours. I've changed sound settings, turned off V-sync, changed graphic settings, doesn't matter if I go from High to Low settings, same effect. This is something that is going to have to be patched. This was a hurry up roll out and I'm sure by the end of the week there will be a patch out. Most people that buy games through Steam have no clue how many updates are out for their games as it updates without them knowing. Just hold tight.

  13. !!!!!!!!!! FIXED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe you gonna laugh, but at least i can play Skyrim!! So here is the thing i took my VACUUM CLEANER and i suck all dirt and dust mainly under the fans at graphic card and procesor aslo everywhere else in the computer.
    And that was it! I ´ve played for 3,5 hours or so, and everything was allright. I switch it off just to tell you.
    Try it, i´m sure it will no make it worse.

  14. Do it properly - take fans of and clean them realy well.
    Seems like it was overheating.
    Post if it work for you too.

  15. I'm also having Skyrim crash my computer, though it doesn't turn itself off. The computer locks up and the signal to the monitor is immediately shut off. I'm using a Radeon 6870 but I don't think the crash is related to the performance of the video card. It's not overheating and the computer has been cleaned of dust. Drivers were uninstalled/reinstalled and it still crashes just the same. This doesn't happen on any other game, and the crash still happens on low settings with Skyrim. It seems completely random as to when it will occur, can be minutes or several hours.

  16. Same thing as a person that posted before me..

    It just go in somekind of hibernation mode or something. It can't be turend on ( Nither do ctrl+alt+delete no windows key+L do work ).

    I also first thought it was because of overheating.. then I cleaned it up and the situation is same. After that I set up low/medium/without aa,af.. and so on. Nothing.. still crashes at random spots.

    HD 6870
    X4 955
    4 GB

    Other games work fine.. there's no problem.. but skyrim, pff

    And yeah, I've been playing it two days without any knowing of these isue. Then it started today, 6 times for now.

  17. I have the same problem as the two before me, game monitor just stops getting a signal and the sound turns to static.

  18. For me, I've tried 5 times and I can't personalize my character before it crashes =( The intro runs and when you get to choose how your char looks like, suddenly the screen goes black, then the monitor goes into energy saving mode, the music gets stuck eh-eh-eh-eh and then nothing helps short of powering down. This could also cause data loss, which I don't like to think about..

  19. techniques that can be used to fix Skyrim crash.

    Modify INI File Settings
    Update Device Drivers
    Run the Game in Compatibility Mode
    Re-Setup Sound Settings
    Repair Game Settings

  20. I've barely had time to play, much less do any blogging, so I haven't been back on here recently.

    I'm pretty sure that Votja is correct in that it is an overheating issue and cleaning the fans will help. I haven't opened up my system to clean them, but I did start using a laptop cooling fan and I haven't crashed since.

    I'm using this one:

    Got it at Best Buy over a year ago and just haven't been using it.

  21. I've been having some issues with skyrim, all of a sudden the game just shuts down, just like it would if you press ALT + F4... anyone knows how to fix this? I have already updated all the drivers etc

    i use a Desktop pc

    i play Max Payne 3/Arma 2/gta4 osv with high/ultra setting i don't get it :(


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