New Mass Effect d20 Conversion

Back in July, I wrote about wanting to play in a Mass Effect pen and paper RPG. Although my brother and I did toss around ideas for weeks afterward, nothing ever really came of it. Both of us wanted to play, but neither of us really had time to DM a campaign, especially one with conversion work needed in addition to regular DM duties. However, even though I didn't get a chance to play in such a game, I did have fun browsing through the conversion work that others had already started online, and I linked to many of them in this post. Apparently, my post caught the attention of a Mass Effect fan who is starting a similar project. This is an excerpt from an email I received yesterday:
Last Christmas day I searched the web for completed works on a ME d20 conversion and found none, not even nearly finished. While that is a bit disappointing, that made me happy enough to finally display all my work on the internet, on a forum I created today (26/12/2011). Unlike all the others, I have no intention of stopping until my Mass Effect d20 manual is complete. I've been playing RPG games (as well as d-20 system games) my entire life and for the past 6 years I have even created my own rulebooks and setting for my D&D campaigns, so I'm not exactly inexperienced in creating rules and RPGs. And I see no reason to stop this conversion, especially when I already have a third of the work finished.
Since I'm doing this alone, any help is appreciated. And you don't even need to register or be an active member of the forum (link is below in any case), you could simply talk about it to your friends that also like ME and d20-system games, or even talk about it in that post of your blog. Any bit of, well, "publicity" is greatly appreciated ;)
João Santos
I just got a chance to check out his work on the forum, and I like where he's going with this. What he has done so far is solid work, and should provide a good foundation. I would suggest that anyone interested in such a project should go check out his work, and get involved if you can. Personally, I have so many things going on right now that I doubt I can contribute much... but I did sign up for a forum account, and maybe this post on my humble little blog will get him a bit more attention from like-minded Mass Effect enthusiasts.

Now, go check out his work:

Madcap Mercenaries Campaign Reboot

Gotta quit using this pic for this campaign...
we aren't even playing on Google Wave anymore!
This old Rifts campaign died with the announcement that Google Wave would no longer be updated. I looked around for other options, but I finally just gave up on it and called it quits. However, it has sprung back to life this past week in blog format. The idea is so simple that I should have thought of it myself. GM posts information as blog posts, and then interaction takes place mostly through comments. Brilliant!

Feel free to join us over at the Madcap Mercenaries Campaign blog to follow the action as our heroes track down a missing excavation team.

Avacyn Restored Spoiler

We don't know much about this set as of yet, but Wizards just announced the new set this week. Here's what we do know:

  • 244 Cards (large set even though it's the last of the block)
  • May 4 release date
  • May 4-6 launch weekend
  • May 25-26 game day
  • Pro Tour: May 11-13 in Barcelona, Spain
  • Three Letter Code: AVR
  • Twitter Hashtag: #MTGAVR
  • Design Team: Brian Tinsman (lead), Mark Gottlieb, Dave Guskin, Kenneth Nagle, Bill Rose, Mark Rosewater
  • Development Team: David Humpherys (lead), Mark Globus, Dave Guskin, Erik Lauer, Billy Moreno, Matt Sernett

Two Rifts Campaigns Brewing...

I made my wish list last month, and I ordered a Christmas Grab Bag from Palladium Books last week. With new books due to arrive at my doorstep any day now, the urge to play Rifts has overcome me. It has even managed to steal some time away from Skyrim, which has eaten up every bit of what little free time I've had lately.

First of all, the Madcap Mercenaries Campaign (previously referred to on this blog as the Rifts Wave Campaign because we were running it on Google Wave) is coming back soon. I had given up on that campaign, and all online campaigns in general, when Google Wave's development was cancelled and my life got too crazy to keep up with it. However, I've recently been inspired by a post I read about play by blog games*, and I reserved the address for us. Since then, I've been slowly working on making sure the campaign's new home is usable: exporting Google Wave info, trying to hotlink character sheets, making sure players can comment from their cell phones, etc.

The other campaign will be in person, a return to Phase World. Although I've used elements of the Phase World setting in my Rifts campaigns (like this guy), I haven't actually run a campaign set in Center since 1998. Yeah, I was in the 8th grade then. It will definitely be a return to my roots, as it was the first Rifts campaign I ever ran. I've decided that we'll run this as a one-shot adventure and see where things go from there. I like the idea of establishing some background events through an exciting opener and then letting the players decide where to go from there: sort of a "drop the game or sandbox it" option.

In any case, the Rifts content here will increase over the coming months. I can't wait to start gaming again!

*Sadly, I can't figure out where this post is... if anyone knows of it, please let me know so I can link back to it. I thought that I saw it on, but now I can't seem to find it.

Using Mage Knight Figures for Warhammer 40K

Way back in May, I decided that I wanted to create a really cheap 40K army. One thing I noticed recently was how cheaply you can purchase Hero Clix and Mage Knight figures on sites like Admittedly, it also helped that I had a few in a shoe box that I could experiment on before I ever spent any money.

Sadly, that army has yet to materialize. It's really difficult to match equipment from random games to specific Warhammer gear, and I don't know if it's worth the time. I doubt I'll actually use these for Warhammer, but I can always play them alongside D&D Miniatures.

In any case, I shot this quick tutorial over the summer, and I ran across it this week. I'm not exactly proud of the quality, but what the hey... might as well share anyway. The lighting in this video is terrible. Between bad lighting and pale skin, I look like a friggin' zombie!

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