New Mass Effect d20 Conversion

Back in July, I wrote about wanting to play in a Mass Effect pen and paper RPG. Although my brother and I did toss around ideas for weeks afterward, nothing ever really came of it. Both of us wanted to play, but neither of us really had time to DM a campaign, especially one with conversion work needed in addition to regular DM duties. However, even though I didn't get a chance to play in such a game, I did have fun browsing through the conversion work that others had already started online, and I linked to many of them in this post. Apparently, my post caught the attention of a Mass Effect fan who is starting a similar project. This is an excerpt from an email I received yesterday:
Last Christmas day I searched the web for completed works on a ME d20 conversion and found none, not even nearly finished. While that is a bit disappointing, that made me happy enough to finally display all my work on the internet, on a forum I created today (26/12/2011). Unlike all the others, I have no intention of stopping until my Mass Effect d20 manual is complete. I've been playing RPG games (as well as d-20 system games) my entire life and for the past 6 years I have even created my own rulebooks and setting for my D&D campaigns, so I'm not exactly inexperienced in creating rules and RPGs. And I see no reason to stop this conversion, especially when I already have a third of the work finished.
Since I'm doing this alone, any help is appreciated. And you don't even need to register or be an active member of the forum (link is below in any case), you could simply talk about it to your friends that also like ME and d20-system games, or even talk about it in that post of your blog. Any bit of, well, "publicity" is greatly appreciated ;)
João Santos
I just got a chance to check out his work on the forum, and I like where he's going with this. What he has done so far is solid work, and should provide a good foundation. I would suggest that anyone interested in such a project should go check out his work, and get involved if you can. Personally, I have so many things going on right now that I doubt I can contribute much... but I did sign up for a forum account, and maybe this post on my humble little blog will get him a bit more attention from like-minded Mass Effect enthusiasts.

Now, go check out his work:

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