Saturday, December 10, 2011

Using Mage Knight Figures for Warhammer 40K

Way back in May, I decided that I wanted to create a really cheap 40K army. One thing I had noticed recently was how cheaply one could purchase Hero Clix and Mage Knight figures on sites like Admittedly, it also helped that I had a few in a shoe box in the man cave that I could experiment on before I ever spent any more money.

Sadly, that army has yet to materialize. All of my time seems to be consumed by a full time job and a pair of graduate school courses. There isn't much gaming going on at all around here!

But I did shoot this quick tutorial over the summer before classes started, and I ran across it this week. I'm not exactly proud of the quality, but what the hey... might as well share anyway. The lighting in this video is terrible. Between bad lighting and pale skin, I look like a friggin' zombie.

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