Using Mage Knight Figures for Warhammer 40K

Way back in May, I decided that I wanted to create a really cheap 40K army. One thing I noticed recently was how cheaply you can purchase Hero Clix and Mage Knight figures on sites like Admittedly, it also helped that I had a few in a shoe box that I could experiment on before I ever spent any money.

Sadly, that army has yet to materialize. It's really difficult to match equipment from random games to specific Warhammer gear, and I don't know if it's worth the time. I doubt I'll actually use these for Warhammer, but I can always play them alongside D&D Miniatures.

In any case, I shot this quick tutorial over the summer, and I ran across it this week. I'm not exactly proud of the quality, but what the hey... might as well share anyway. The lighting in this video is terrible. Between bad lighting and pale skin, I look like a friggin' zombie!

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