Big Weekend for Magic Players in Hickory, NC

If you're within driving distance of Hickory, North Carolina and you're a fan of Magic: The Gathering, you're going to want to check out The Dugout this February 17th-19th. All I know at this point is that there will be a tournament Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of that weekend...

  • Friday at 7:00 is the usual: Friday Night Magic. The format is standard, and Dark Ascension will have been legal for a few weeks.
  • Saturday at 2:00 is a legacy tournament. Bring the best that you can assemble from all of Magic: The Gathering's rich history of cards. 
  • Sunday at 2:00 is a modern tournament. This fledgling format, less than a year old, is growing in popularity. Except for a relatively short banned list, if the card has the new border, you can play it. 

I'll update as I find out more information, but this schedule is enough to get my deck brewing juices flowing as is...

2/14 Update: As it turns out, there's a big Star City Games tournament in Charlotte on the same weekend. I didn't have any clue when we planned this, but we're going to go ahead with the tournament anyway. Perhaps we can get together enough people to play despite the pull from the bigger tournament just down the road. As far as I know, Friday and Saturday formats will still be standard and legacy. I'm not 100% sure that Sunday will be modern, but a standard tournament or a draft would be fine by me.
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