Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dugout News: Anniversary, Gauntlet, Trial by Fire

The Dugout is the new(ish) hobby shop in town, and I've been ranting about how great this store is since I first discovered them back in May of 2011. Just recently, The Dugout celebrated its one year anniversary, and Julie baked this cake for everybody hanging out at the shop this weekend:

Of course, by the time I got across the room to take a picture, the cake looked like this... I had to ask for a photo in order to share the real thing with everyone. In any case, I want to congratulate Tim on the success of The Dugout, and wish him more of the same in the future! And thanks to Julie for the cake!

New Competition
This year, The Dugout is running a big competition that will result in a draft for a box of Avacyn Restored in June. It's called The Gauntlet, and the final tournament is the Trial by Fire. Basically, players get points for playing in tournaments throughout the month, and those with the most points qualify for a tournament with a bigger prize in June. Here are the official rules, which are posted on the wall in the shop...

...and if that's too tough to read, you can view the text version by clicking here.


  1. Wow. I LOVE the concept. And I especially like how attendance carries alot of weight. You can't just show up one tourney a month, win out, and be safe for a month. It requires comittment. Almost makes me want to play again.

  2. Almost? Come on, man... you know you REALLY want to get back in...

    I've got some prize packs that need to be drafted, by the way. We should get together and play some.

  3. I made the Trial By Fire!
    Finished 3rd for the month.
    Thank God for the Legacy tournament.

  4. Congratulations, man. Who was ahead of you? CJ and who else?

    I wish I could have made it. I only had that one weekend to play in February, and even though I made it to 5th that Sunday, I knew if I didn't get to play another tournament, I didn't have a shot. Hopefully I'll get to play a little more often this month.


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