Rise of the Underdark

Even though I'm a little bummed with D&D 4E and my instinct is to migrate back to 3.5 between now and the release of D&D Next, this bit of news is exciting to me. I don't want to spoil too much with text... I'll let you watch the video first.

The drow are invading the surface... and apparently, it isn't just a small group or a city. It would appear that Lolth is coordinating the whole thing, which means it will be much more widespread and terrifying. You can find everything you need to know by clicking here. However, I want to point out a few things about this series of releases that have really piqued my interest...

First of all, GaleForce Nine (GF9) has been releasing products for D&D for a while now. Vinyl battle mats, character tokens, odd "invisible" miniatures, blah blah blah. I haven't really been excited about any of it. However, GF9 has been putting out products for tabletop wargames for a while too, and I've been quite impressed with their Battlefield in a Box line. Even though I don't own any myself, I have gotten to handle a few of the gothic pieces at a game shop, and as soon as I find the money, I intend to put a few on my tabletop as well. How does all this tie together? 3D terrain for Dungeons & Dragons. That's right folks, and it's starting with stuff for Underdark encounters. Check it out right here. As long as they aren't a huge wallet-buster, I'm in.

The Urban Underdark Dungeon Tiles sounds cool. I have tons of the old Dungeon Tiles sets, but the one thing that I always thought these sets lacked was transition tiles. I found that making the transition from a natural cavern to a stone floor just wasn't pretty because there weren't many (or any) tiles that showed that transition. The later sets started to remedy this, but by that point 4E was in full swing and we were playing more 40K than we were D&D, so I stopped buying them. What's my point? The Urban Underdark has a transition tile on the cover. I think this will be a product I can get behind.

Am I going to run a Forgotten Realms campaign centered on this event? Nope... but I'm a huge fan of the drow, and I'm all for more Underdark products. Keep them coming, WotC!

By the way, when is Vhaeraun coming back?
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