Thoughts on First Phase of the Public D&D Next Playtest

I've got to admit that I was more than a little disappointed when I read this post by Mike Mearls. Apparently, the playtests will start out with just pregenerated characters. Even though I can't be sure of their reasoning because (to my knowledge, at least) nobody has gone into any detail on why they're doing it this way, I do think I understand. Using pregenerated characters insures that new groups start on roughly the same playing field. It reduces complexity. It forces people to focus on the mechanics of the game rather than the mechanics of character generation. It makes sure that the feedback they receive is based on known quantities.

However, I'm still bummed. In my humble opinion, character creation is one of the most exciting parts of any RPG. Taking that away just bugs me, and I don't know how to shake the feeling. Honestly, it kind of makes me want to drop the playtest idea and just run 3.5, but make it known to my players that we're going to convert to the new edition whenever we get halfway decent playtest rules.

Oh well. Time will tell. Maybe my players will be cool running characters that somebody else rolled up... but I wouldn't be.
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