Saturday, June 2, 2012

Magic 2013 (M13) Spoiler

Yep... it's just around the corner, folks. Yet another Magic: The Gathering core set will be released in July, and a few cards are known to us already. I hear that the titan cycle will be rotating out of standard, which will leave room for other big monsters to dominate.

What might be the coolest thing so far is that Nicol Bolas is coming back as a planeswalker in M13!

Here's the spoiler thus far...


  1. There is some speculation that LLanowar Elves will not be in M13.
    That would make me very sad.

  2. Well... Arbor Elf has been spoiled already... so it might not be. I don't know, though. If the "return to Ravnica" block brings shock lands with it, Arbor Elf could be better than Llanowar Elves - untapping nonbasic forests that produce more than one color.

    Speaking of shock lands, I think it would be AWESOME if they made a return in M13. I doubt it will happen, but given the popularity of the modern format and the demand for them, I do think it's a possibility.

  3. Spoilers look lovely. I can't wait.


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