Wolf Run X

I've tried quite a few ramp decks lately, but I've always piloted them to frustratingly average finishes. I've tried traditional Wolf Run, RUG Ramp, BUG Ramp, and BG Ramp. They were all decent, but always seemed to lose to the esper control decks that have been so common in Hickory lately. After giving a messy RUG Delver list a shot last Friday (and playing horribly with it), I decided to stop being cute and just play something that fit my play style. Aggro it is... and here's my current list. 

Wolf Run X
Main Deck:
Borderland Ranger
Inferno Titan
Primeval Titan
Strangleroot Geist
Thrun, the Last Troll
Viridian Emissary
Wurmcoil Engine

Garruk Relentless
Bonfire of the Damned
Brimstone Volley
Green Sun's Zenith
Pillar of Flame
Red Sun's Zenith

Copperline Gorge
Evolving Wilds
Inkmoth Nexus
Kessig Wolf Run
Rootbound Crag

Brimstone Volley
Pillar of Flame
Red Sun's Zenith
Wurmcoil Engine

Just a few notes:
  1. When I was looking at Pillar of Flame, Brimstone Volley, and Red Sun's Zenith, I couldn't decide what to cut... so I just played half of each in the main and half of each in the side. I'm sure there is a more efficient mix, but I haven't found it yet.
  2. I don't care what you say. For the foreseeable future, Bonfire of the Damned will be a guaranteed four-of in any deck I play that can make red mana. Yes, it is that good. No, it doesn't matter if I have it in my opening hand. I can't remember how many times I found myself hard casting it for X=1 just to wipe out spirit token blockers before swinging for lots, but it was more than a few.
  3. I'm calling this "Wolf Run X" because there are 14 cards with X in either the casting cost or the activation cost. Yeah, I know there are 8-10 in every other Wolf Run list too.
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