Bezaleel, Phase World Rift Runner

R.CW.03.012, d'norr devilman
Bezaleel grew up on Center, born to parents who were well-traveled scholars before they settled down to have children. He had a knack for magic just as his parents had, but Bez's values focused more on personal comforts and advancement than scholarship and learning. Rather than follow in his parents footsteps, Bez saw his opportunity for fortune and fame in the repo-yard. He picked up odd jobs here and there, usually with less-reputable but high-paying employers, while investing and reinvesting until he had the funds to purchase a ship worth commanding. He dubbed it the Steel Centaur, named for the cyber-horsemen in stories his parents told him when he was a child. The Steel Centaur is a heavily modified Espandon Gun Ship originally built by Naruni Enterprises. It has everything a captain could ask for: the speed to get you where need to go in record time and enough firepower to get you there safely.

By the time he had purchased the ship, he had enough contacts and associates in the black market of Phase World that it didn't take much to start the lifestyle of a high profile runner. Despite open rumors of his smuggling, Bezaleel has managed to keep a relatively clean slate with the Promethean authorities. This is due to his highly lucrative legal operation, armed transport services, which could easily support him and his crew on its own. However, Bez likes the thrill of knowing he has contraband on board and continues his less-then-legal activities to supplement his already-substantial income.

Legally, Bezaleel specializes in no-questions-asked transport of individuals to anywhere in the Corkscrew Galaxy, although he will take on clients who need to go elsewhere for a higher price. The only thing he requires is that clients have paperwork for any passengers being held captive. Bez doesn't tolerate slavery, but has no qualms about transporting criminals who have run afoul of a bounty hunter.

Off the record, he also deals in stolen magical goods. Some of his best customers and worst enemies are United Worlds of Warlock citizens, as his work often involves their property. Most recently, he has been contacted by Inglix the Mad for a special assignment, but Bez hasn't decided whether or not to accept. On one hand, it could be one of the most profitable jobs he has ever taken. On the other, he isn't entirely sure that he has never transported property of Inglix himself and somehow earned his ire. If the latter is the case, the whole job could be an elaborate trap to exact revenge... and Bezaleel doesn't even want to try to imagine what that deranged dwarf might have in mind for him.

Name: Bezaleel
Alias/Nickname: "Bez" to those closest to him, "Boss" to most of his crew
6th Level D'Norr Devilman Rift Runner
Alignment: Unprincipled
Attributes of Note: IQ 17, MA 23
Horror Factor: 12

Armor: Bezaleel wears a TW-enhanced Cermalyte Black Nightsuit (28 MDC) under casual clothing. It has all the qualities of the normal cermalyte armor, and can be activated for 25 PPE to protect the wearer with Armor of Ithan (50 MDC), Impervious to Vaccuum, and Space Walk.

SDC: 40
Hit Points: 42

Attacks per Melee: 5
Combat Bonuses: +1 strike, +2 parry, +2 dodge
Weapons: PH-21 Phase Beamer (3d6 SDC or 4d6 MD)

Magic: knows all Rift Runner spells (Rifts Black Market p105), plus Armor of Ithan (10), Charismatic Aura (10), Dimensional Teleport (800), Frequency Jamming (15), Shooting Star (18), Space Flight (15), Telekinesis (8)
PPE: 182

Other Abilities: Black Market Abilities (Street Rep: Trustworthy, Slippery, Friends in High Places)

References: Rifts Ultimate Edition, Rifts Black Market, Rifts World Book 30: D-Bees of North America, Rifts Dimension Book 2: Phase World, Rifts Dimension Book 8: Naruni Wave 2, Rifts Dimension Book 12: Dimensional Outbreak, Rifts Dimension Book 13: Fleets of the Three Galaxies
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