2013 Gaming Resolutions

It's hard to believe this is the fifth year I've been posting on this humble little blog, and that this will be the fourth year I've posted gaming New Years resolutions. As usual, we'll take a look at my goals for last year and then set some new ones for this year.

A look back at 2012:
  • Complete the first adventure in the Madcap Mercenaries campaign. Failed. This campaign petered out over the summer, and I haven't even thought about it until I went back to review my 2012 resolutions.
  • Play in a more competitive Magic: The Gathering tournament. Succeeded. I won a Star City Games Invitational Qualifier back in June, and I've been trying to make it to more "bigger than FNM" tournaments ever since.
  • Continue chasing the same goals I stated in 2011! Meh. Game nights happened, but they weren't regularly scheduled events by any means. The old crew has a lot more responsibilities than we did when I first started this blog, and I just don't foresee game nights becoming a regular thing again. I did manage to play outside of the man cave a lot more often, so I'll claim half success on this one.
Overall, I'd give 2012 a 1.5/3. That's kind of pathetic, but considering the schedules and new responsibilities of my usual game night participants, I don't think that third goal was realistic anyway. For 2013, I want to make sure I challenge myself, but that I challenge myself realistically.
  1. Top 8 a Magic tournament with 100+ participants. I'm not going to specify exactly what this has to be, but the biggest tournament I've ever done well in had 75 players (details on that one here). I'm going to shoot even higher this year and try to do well in a Star City Games Open or a Grand Prix. I'm already planning to attend several of these over the next few months, so hopefully things will go well. 
  2. Downsize the Man Cave. I already started this in 2012 when I gave most of my Magic cards to my little brother. However, my long term plans include a move to a big city, and that usually means less space. I want to go ahead and start the process of selling/giving away/throwing out stuff I don't use anymore so that when the time comes, I'll have less work to do.
  3. Write for my Audience. I write about games that interest me, but that's a pretty broad spectrum. I get most of my traffic from search engines rather than returning readers, and that's something I want to work on: writing articles that are useful enough and focused enough that people will want to come back. It'll be a significant paradigm shift for me. I'll need to focus more and write more often, but I think it is possible. 
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