2013 Spring Tournament Schedule for Magic: The Gathering

After an embarrassing showing at the SCG Invitational in Los Angeles, I decided to attack the Magic scene harder than I ever have before. This page will serve as a place to chronicle my possible successes and probable blunders.

FNM in Asheville on 1/4

  • Played: Golgari Aggro
  • Finished: 3rd (41 players)
  • Comments: I love this deck... I always felt like I had bigger plays than my opponents, but I played against three aggro lists and two bant lists. I was 3-0 against aggro and 1-1 against bant.

SCG IQ in Indian Trail on 1/5

  • Played: Golgari Aggro
  • Finished: 29th (41 players)
  • Comments: I played against a much more diverse field and played pretty poorly in several matches. I won against bant control and bant hexproof, but managed to lose to Jund, UWR, Naya, and something else I can't remember.

Casual Standard in Hickory on 1/6

  • Played: Junk Tokens
  • Finished: 4th (22 players)
  • Comments: The only match I lost was one in which I saw some insanely low number of lands after going to five in both games. I just chalked that up to variance.

SCG IQ in Cornelius on 1/19

  • Played: Junk Tokens
  • Finished: 7th (23 players)
  • Comments: I pulled off some amazing feats in this tournament, including a win after a mulligan to four. In the end, a guy I beat 2-0 in the Swiss rounds knocked me out of the top 8. Adam went on to win the whole thing, though. Congrats to Adam for qualifying for the SCG Invitational.

SCG Open in Atlanta on 2/2
  • Played: Junk Tokens
  • Finished: 159th (445 players)
  • Comments: For the most part, I found myself racing a lot of aggro decks and losing. I started out pretty excited that I was playing a variety of match-ups, but it degenerated into just playing Boros and mono red over and over again. I did play against an Esper control list late in the day, but otherwise things were pretty monotonous. The next day, I played win-a-box tournaments rather than getting into the legacy open. While I threw away ten bucks on a crappy draft, I did bring home a box in a standard win-a-box.
PTQ in Asheville on 2/10
  • Played: Melira Pod
  • Finished: 4th (82 players)
  • Comments: I started out by taking a beating from infect, really wishing I could have found the Orzhov Pontiff that I was trying to pick up before the tournament... but then things started to go right. Unfortunately, in the top four, I forgot how to play Magic. Against mono blue tron, I passed the turn without playing a land like an idiot and then missed an opportunity to go off the next turn because I was one mana short. He then played Mindslaver and killed me with my own combo. The next game, I resolved a Chord of Calling but got a Kitchen Finks rather than Gaddock Teeg. The next turn, I realized what I had done, tried to play Eternal Witness to fix my mistake, but he played Trickbind on the Eternal Witness triggered ability. The next turn, he played Sundering Titan and destroyed all three of my lands. While it was disappointing to punt the tournament in the top four, it was definitely a blast.

I might manage to get to Friday Night Magic this weekend, but other future tournaments will include Gatecrash cards... and that means I'll probably be venturing into Gruul territory as soon as I can get my hands on the cards that I want!

Future Events:

  • SCG Classic in Columbia on 3/9 (Skipping this one because my AMAZING fiancee bought us Carolina-Dook tickets!)
  • PTQ in Greensboro on 3/16
  • SCG Elite IQ in Cornelius on 3/23
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