Top Five Free Android RPGs of 2012

While not all of these games were actually released in 2012, these are the best free RPGs that graced my Android tablet over the course of the year. These apps saved me from many a moment of boredom, and didn't cost me a dime!

#5 Sacracy
I played Parallel Kingdoms for a while, and the GPS based RPG idea intrigued me. However, PK just never did it for me visually. Sacracy is a similar take on the GPS based world, but is much visually appealing.

 #4 Bad Nerd
While it is based on a lot of cheesy stereotypes and can be quite glitchy at times, Bad Nerd is a hoot to play. Basically, you play as the nerdy kid who has suffered at the hands of school bullies, and it is time for revenge.

 #3 Inotia 4
I played Inotia 3 a while back and wasn't all that impressed, so I didn't even bother downloading Inotia 4 when I stumbled across it in the Google Play Store. However, I'm glad I did. It isn't that much different than Inotia 3, but there are enough improvements to warrant giving the new version a shot.

#2 Soulcraft
Reminiscent of the Diablo series in many ways, Soulcraft is probably the most visually appealing on this list. The most frustrating thing about this game is the controls, which didn't respond the way I expected - often not sensitive enough. If the controls were better, this could easily have been #1 on this list.

#1 Heroes Call
The best of the bunch is another title reminiscent of the Diablo series. Heroes Call has pretty awesome graphics for a mobile game, addicting gameplay, and a user-friendly interface. Of the games on the list, this is the only one I am still playing.

Please note that not all of these games were released in 2012. These are games that I played in 2012.

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