Dwarven Forge Game Tiles (3D Terrain for Miniatures)

Dwarven Forge makes the kind of products that I first saw in Dragon Magazine back in the nineties... and that I have been drooling over ever since. Unfortunately for me, I have never been financially able to justify the prices. It was just too much cost for too little product. If I had the luxury of being rich, I might be able to pull it off, but...

But things might be changing, thanks to this Kickstarter. Now we'll have access to more affordable Dwarven Forge miniatures terrain.

They're still expensive, but they aren't that much worse than the plastic kits produced by Games Workshop, and they're a lot more versatile.

I just became a backer, and the only thing that bothers me is how obsolete my collection of Dungeon Tiles is going to seem when these arrive.
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