Kitbashing for RPG Figures

I know, I know. The paint
job needs major work...
I normally just stick to D&D Miniatures when it comes to RPGs. They're simple, effective, relatively cheap, and pre-painted. What's not to love? Well... when Rachel started a new campaign a few months ago, I ended up with a somewhat unusual character: a drow cleric with a strength score low enough to make melee combat... well... let's just say it's undesirable. I figured I could get by with a hand crossbow and some drow poison for a while, but the only figure I had that fit that kind of character was female (this one, if you must know). Instead of searching for an actual miniature that fit what I wanted, I decided to step it up a notch.

Back when I played Warhammer 40K all the time, one of my favorite challenges was creating figures that matched units for which Games Workshop never created an official kit. The idea is to take bits and pieces from several other kits and mix them together ("bash" them together) to create something unique and different. This farseer on a jetbike is an example of something I've worked on before.

Anyway, this time I needed a drow cleric with no melee weapon... so I went searching for appropriate bits. This drow cleric of Vhaeraun was created using a dark eldar body, a dark elf weapon and head, and a high elf shield. All of the pieces are from Games Workshop kits, but I just buy the pieces I need from Hoard O' Bits on eBay instead of forking out $20+ for each kit. I got all the pieces for this guy for around $10, with quite a few extra bits left over for my next project.

I should probably work on the paint job more, but he really doesn't look that out of place when he's side by side with D&D Miniatures.
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