Pathfinder Night Below Campaign (Session Two)

We had the second session of our Pathfinder Underdark Campaign last week. Honestly, it wasn't the best session. It's not that it wasn't fun... it just wasn't all that exciting. The session was more of a transition piece than anything else, moving from the "lead you by the nose" opening of the Night Below adventure to the entirely open-ended nature of a true sandbox-style campaign.

They began by defeating the orcs that had fired on the party while they were floating downstream on their raft, and then they spent quite some time scouting out Thurmaster (Shadowdale) before entering the town because they feared that the townsfolk would be itching to kidnap spellcasters as well (Eric's character, for instance). When they finally felt safe, they entered as a groupand did some housekeeping before their next adventure. The group:

  • delivered the box to Tauster, the wizard who serves the "old mage," and found out that the old mage is beginning to lose his mind to old age
  • picked up their gold from the Twisted Tower and then argued for a while over how to split it (Matt wasn't there, so there was a pretty heated debate over what share of the gold his character should get)
  • sold a bunch of spare (looted) equipment at the general store
  • checked out the message post, where they are most likely to pick up the trail of a new adventure
I printed off the following for the message post, some of it lifted directly from the 2md edition Shadowdale book, and some of it mixed in to draw the PCs in other directions:
  • Reward: 20 Silver Pieces for anyone who brings to justice the unknown cattle drivers who have wrecked crops and fences. See Silas Standard at grain booth on Market Day to collect.
  • Personal to Zeke. An envelope with a wax seal is attached.
  • Wanted: Adventuring party to perform reconnaissance. 100 Gold Pieces, plus percentage of any booty found. Inquire with the Captain-of-Arms and Warden of Thurmaster. This notice has been badly overwritten in some places with smudged and barely legible pencil markings to read: “Wanted: Adventuring party to perform suicide mission. 100 gold pieces, plus burial of your body, if found. Inquire with Captain-of-Harms and Worrier of Thurmaster.”
  • Rumors for Sale. Inquire of Llewellyn the Loquacious. Also available to sing at weddings, funerals, and other celebratory affairs.
  • Missing! Jelenneth, my bride to be, has gone missing. She is beautiful, of medium height, with dark hair and always wears a royal blue cloak. See Andren for more details.
  • Delivery. I'll be payin five silvers for any travelin to the Halfcut Hills willin to carry a message to me nephew. Simple job. Just ask for Old Grizzler at the Old Skull Inn.
  • Wanted: Guards for a shipment of goods from Thurmaster to Harlaton. Inquire at Baron Rodorigo Enano Casta's manor.
  • 6th Annual Challenge of Champions coming in three weeks.
We'll see next time which (if any) of these leads the party decides to investigate. No matter which way they turn, I'm sure they'll find something equally interesting and dangerous!

Also, I decided to go ahead and bump everyone to 2nd level even though they only legitimately had about a third of the xp necessary to advance. What can I say? I really don't like super-low level adventures! Jeremiah stayed the path of the paladin, while Rachel is contemplating her ranger taking levels in the witch class, and Eric clings to the idea of his mystic theurge.
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