Pathfinder Night Below Campaign (Session One)

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was thinking about running an Underdark focused campaign, and since then I've gotten the chance to start. The beginning of the game will follow the Night Below adventure, but as things progress, I intend to just use the setting (combined with a few other Underdark-focused modules) and open it up like a sandbox for the players. With that in mind, we assembled a group of four 1st level characters and set off to deliver Gordrenn's chest to Tauster.
  • Matt - Half-Orc Paragon (Unearthed Arcana stuff - rules here)
  • Eric - Elf Magus
  • Rachel - Changeling Ranger
  • Jeremiah - Human Paladin
The first session went well. The heroes managed to...

  • Negotiate a better deal from Gordrenn than his initial offer
  • Survive a kidnapping attempt by bandits/farmers on the road to Milborne, despite the magus getting knocked unconscious after the first two or three rounds of combat
  • Agree to help Andren search for the missing Jelenneth, although he runs off to search for her alone because the heroes take too long to start the search
  • Travel down the Churnett River, stopping when they spot places it looks like Andren also stopped
The module states, "The PCs should reach the village of Thurmaster without anything eventful happening." Ha! I don't think so...

The session ended when the players decided to continue searching for Jelenneth through the night without resting. They continued down the river on their raft, using the exceptional vision of the demihumans to scout the riverbanks.  Unfortunately for the party, some orcs took notice of their passage, and we left off after the orcs fired their first volley of arrows at the raft.

The Pathfinder Switch
Honestly, I don't think anybody noticed! We didn't have any combat maneuvers that came into play, so we didn't use those rules at all.  Aside from the small differences in character creation, it was pretty much business as usual. Eric loves the "new" magus class, though. He mentioned at the beginning of the session that he was planning to go magus/cleric/mystic theurge. However, by the end of the first session, he was talking about going magus all the way. It's definitely an interesting class. He equated it to playing Oblivion with a sword in one hand and magic in the other, and I think that's a pretty good analogy.

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