Officially Married, Time to Play Games Again

I've been absent from both game nights and Magic tournaments for a couple of months now, but my schedule just opened back up. Now that the school year is over and the wedding is over, I have much more time on my hands to get back into doing other things I love.

Anybody want to do a tarrasque in the background for me?
Yeah, that's me getting stiff-armed by the new wife... LOL

So... game night should start back on the 27th (I hope) with a return to Pathfinder Night Below campaign for the gaming crew. I'll be sharing some updates on that campaign in the near future.

My Magic tournament schedule for the near future includes some decent sized tournaments close to home. These are the ones I hope to make in the next few months:

  • TCG MaxPoint Series in Hickory, NC on 6/15
  • SCG Super IQ in Indian Trail, NC on 6/29
  • SCG IQ in Hickory, NC on 8/17
Hopefully there will be enough Friday Night Magic tournaments in July to make up for the lack of bigger tournaments within driving distance in July!

And on top of all that... Games Workshop just released a new Eldar codex. There are far too many things I want to spend money on right now!
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