Bastion: Infiltrator, New Post-Apocalyptic Fiction by Yours Truly

Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to be an author. Unfortunately, I've never actually crossed the threshold of sharing my work on a large scale. That's changing now. I have been working on a novel (possibly a trilogy if the first is received well), and I've posted the first chapter online for feedback. If things go well, I'd like to do a Kickstarter and self-publish the novel as well as a series of RPG products, but I'm probably putting the cart before the horse here. Just check out the story over on Wattpad and see if you like what's there. Here's a quick synopsis:

Bastion is a massive domed city that has stood the test of time while the rest of the world has fallen victim to disasters both natural and man-made. Its citizens live in relative luxury, safe from the perils beyond the dome. Magic and monsters only exist outside the city, and only the military ventures beyond the safety of the walls to clash with threats in the wilds. Bastion: Infiltrator tells the story of three men with very different pasts, whose paths cross when something from beyond the wall gets inside, and the fate of an entire city rests on the actions of a handful of its citizens.

Hopefully the first chapter will leave you asking just enough questions about what's really going on that you'll come back for Chapter Two! 
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