Makhai Exoskeleton

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Although Bastion counts many brave soldiers among its defenders, those who fly makhai exoskeletons are considered the most elite. Based on an old American prototype from before The Scourge, the makhai model of power armor was built from the ground up for aerial combat. Both inside and outside the dome, makhai exoskeletons rule the skies, but they are rarely deployed inside the city itself. Due to advances in ultra-dense plastics and carbon fiber materials, these suits are extremely durable yet surprisingly lightweight. Civilians sometimes refer to them as flying tanks, and the airmen who fly them know the nickname isn't far off the mark.

Makhai units are deployed in squads of four, with a hovercraft for support. The hovercraft provides transport, carries extra ammunition, and boasts much better sensor equipment than would fit in one of the exoskeletons. Hovercrafts are minimally armed, however, as transport is their main purpose. Hovercrafts depend on the makhai pilots they transport to protect them from attack.

Makhai Exoskeleton
Aircraft (power armor)
Acc/TS: 20/60
Toughness: 16 (4)
Crew: 1
Cost: Military
Notes: Climb 1, Night Vision
Weapons: Heavy Machine Gun

Makhai Heavy Machine Gun
Range: 50/100/200
Damage: 2d10
RoF: 3
Cost: 1000
Weight: 42
Shots: 200
Min Str: -
Notes: AP 4, Auto

This post is supplemental material for the Bastion: Infiltrator novel. 
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