Grav Weapons in Warhammer 40K (Rumors)

If you've been paying attention to Warhammer 40K rumors lately, you will no doubt have noticed a interesting new type of weapon: the "grav weapon." Assuming the rumors are true, these weapons will wound based on their target's armor value rather than their toughness. This is an interesting spin on the wounding mechanic, and one that I like a lot... at least in theory. The whole idea has my mind wondering about...

  • Will they be cost-effective enough to play in competitive lists? If GW considers the mechanic semi-experimental, the point cost will likely be on the high end (like everything Forgeworld puts out, IMHO). This will make it a novelty at best, and you won't see them in competitive lists unless somebody just needs something to spend those last five or ten points on. Even in these cases, you'll only see one, and that's if there isn't another more efficient alternative.
  • Will other armies get access to these, or are they going to be imperials-only? Or maybe even marines-only? I hate it when something sweet is introduced to the game right after my favorite army gets a new codex. That means my Eldar will have to wait years to see use this new mechanic. Not that they need it... Shurikens > Gravity, right?
  • Can we please get an AP 2 or AP 1 grav weapon? PLEASE!!! Note: I seriously doubt this would happen, but I'd be psyched about it.
  • Will grav weapons be cool enough that I'm going to want to run my Blood Angels with the new SM codex rather than sticking to the good old tried and true?
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