Master's Degree (Nearly) Complete, and Finally Back to Gaming

Today marks the first day of true freedom that I've felt in months. Working full time and completing the internship for my master's degree has taken away so much of my free time that I've barely managed to write or play games at all. However, last night I typed the last few pages of my capstone project and finally got some real rest.

If you're just passing through and haven't noticed, I've written almost nothing here since August. I've also set aside the novel I started writing last summer, and the only gaming I've managed to do consisted of sneaking in a few weekend Magic tournaments (with marginal success despite no playtesting). Needless to say, I'm itching to write more and have some fun.

The semester isn't over, strictly speaking. I still have some paperwork to fill out and a few forms to get signed, but the toughest part of the process is over. Finally, I can get back to all the things I enjoy in life. Even better, assuming no catastrophes prevent me from graduating in a few weeks, I'll get to take the first real steps toward a childhood dream. More on that childhood dream will be coming soon.

Until then, let your work and school never eclipse your gaming.
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