2014 Gaming Resolutions

It's time for the good old "year in review" and resolutions post. To be honest, this year I've barely even looked back at what my goals were at the beginning of the year. In fact, when I opened my browser to start writing this post, I couldn't even remember what they were! I know. It's kind of pathetic.
  1. Top 8 a Magic tournament with 100+ participants. Fail. Unfortunately, this did not pan out the way I wanted it to. I only attended two large events over the course of the year, an SCG Open in February and an SCG Classic in November. I didn't do well in either of these tournaments, placing 159th of 445 in the open and 147th of 274 in the classic. I did top 8 a Modern PTQ, but it only had 82 players so I can't technically count it for this goal.
  2. Downsize the Man Cave. Fail. I made this goal because of my intent to move, and I have gone through several purges this year. Unfortunately, things just keep piling up in there. I have thrown out and given away a ton of stuff, but the room doesn't feel any less junky because I keep replacing old stuff with new stuff. This is something I need to continue working on.
  3. Write for my Audience. Semi-Success. I'm not sure how to judge this one, to be honest. I started out the year by posting a lot more content that would be usable by my readers (original content for Pathfinder, links to cool stuff, etc.). As the year went on and I got more and more wrapped up in college, I wrote less and less - and what I did post was random projects I've been working on. Was my blog more audience-friendly this year? I'd say so... but only by a small margin, and the quality of my posts took a steep decline after August.
For 2013 I scored a measly 0.5/3. That's worse than I've done any year since I started writing these gaming resolutions at the beginning of 2010. So where does that leave me this year? I suppose I need to step up my game for 2014! Here's what I intend to accomplish this year.
  1. Host one big game night before I move to the Seattle area. It'll be good to get the guys together for one last D&D (or Pathfinder, or Rifts) game before I move across the country. Depending on how the job search goes, it could be as soon as January, but summertime is more likely. I might not have much time to pull this off, but I'm going to do my best.
  2. Finish Bastion: Infiltrator. I started this novel over the summer, but haven't written much since school started back in August. I'd like to complete it in 2014 and, if all goes well, get it published - even if I have to self-publish.
  3. Start (or join) a gaming group after the move. Even though we don't hang out as often as we used to, my gaming buddies in North Carolina are awesome. Once I move cross-country, our gaming will probably be limited to online games and the occasional home visit. However, I'm looking forward to meeting new people after the move, and I'll definitely be looking to surround myself with some gamers.
  4. Publish something! Even if it's a children's book or a short ,pdf RPG supplement, I want to get some of my writing out there. I have a tendency to write most of a work, and then get cold feet when I'm almost finished because I want it to be perfect before publication. This year, I want to get past the idea that I can produce anything perfect, and stop letting my flaws keep me from taking the next step. It's time to put myself on the map.
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