D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Day 11

Day 11: First splatbook you begged your DM to approve.

I've never begged to use a splatbook, and no player has ever had to beg me to use one. Although a lot of people complain about splatbooks, I am a huge fan, even as the DM. The first one I ever used was the The Complete Book of Elves, which I allowed in my campaign without having read any of it except the text on the back cover. This was quickly followed by The Complete Book of Dwarves, The Drow of the Underdark (still one of my favorites), and The Complete Fighter's Handbook.

Lots more followed. The only one I ever shied away from was the psionics handbook, but I think I had just heard bad things about it and had a fear of the unknown. By the time rules for psionics were released for 3rd edition, I wasn't worried about them at all, and 3E psionics were (arguably, at least) a lot easier to abuse.
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