D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Day 16

Day 16: Did you remember your first Edition War? Did you win?

Edition wars suck. In the end, it all sounds the same to me...

No more updates? No more supplements? THEY TOOK ERRRRR GAME!!! DIRKA DURRRR!!!

New editions will be released. New versions will have advantages and disadvantages compared to the old. Some players will move on. Some players will stick to what they've always enjoyed. If your favorite game is no longer going to receive support from the company that produced it, I completely understand the disappointment, and even hurt feelings. I even understand people who are critical of what is replacing their beloved version of a game. What I don't have any time or patience for is the practice of berating the people who support the new version.

Life is about change. Change doesn't have to involve people trolling blog comments and message boards. I don't put up with people who act that way in real life, and it doesn't take much effort to click "block" for people online either.

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