WizKids to Produce D&D Miniatures

According to an announcement on wizards.com, WizKids will be producing the next line of official Dungeons & Dragons miniatures. This is exciting news, as I have long been a fan of Mage Knight and Hero Clix (though admittedly, I haven't played either in years). You can find some images of figures on the announcement page, as well as at the WizKids site. Personally, I think they look great. I recall seeing early images of D&D Miniatures about five years ago and thinking, "Man, these are going to suck." I don't get that impression at all this time. The figures I've seen so far could probably use a little more shading, but honestly, I actually like how clean the flat colors make them look. Maybe clean isn't the right word... but I like them. I've been critical in the past of some D&D Miniatures paint jobs, but I would use any of these miniatures on my tabletop and I wouldn't think of criticizing their quality.
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