Taking a Day Off

The man cave.. which, unfortunately, is not as clean
at the moment as it was when this picture was taken.
I fully intended to spend my day seeing how well my version of Jund Monsters matched up to the competition at the Star City Games Standard Open in Charlotte, NC. Unfortunately, after a long week at work and several extremely busy weekends in a row, I don't feel like moving. Instead of driving an hour in the rain to spend the day in fierce competition, I decided to take the day off. Today I'm just going to take it easy... spend as much time as I can locked away in the man cave doing whatever I want at a very relaxed pace. Of course, that doesn't mean I won't be productive.

Things on today's "To Do" list include...

  • Emailing the players in the Underdark Campaign and getting caught up on some stuff that needs to be addressed before the next session (experience and such).
  • Writing the campaign log update for that campaign 
  • Completing on the "gamer resume" that I said I'd work on over a month ago
  • Eating leftover pizza from Mellow Mushroom
  • Fixing my printer
  • Writing and scheduling future blog posts
  • Watching NCAA basketball
There's lots to do, but plenty of time to get it done, and no pressure to finish anything today if I decide I don't feel like it.
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