Underdark Campaign Log #2

  • Thomus, Human Rogue (John)
  • Kjell, Dhampir Inquisitor (Andrew)
After reporting back to Jern about putting a stop to Belig's demands, the players decided to rest overnight and return to Shadowdale for supplies. As the reinforcements (in the form of new players) never arrived, they guessed that they would need more healing. Thurbal pointed them to the Morningdawn Hall, but not before he congratulated them for their good work and offered them more work when they returned from clearing the goblin lair. The group accepted the offer, agreeing to return to Thurbal after their work with the goblins was finished, and headed toward the Morningdawn Hall. Though Dawnlord Cassimar was too busy to be bothered, Rewel did sell them a handful of healing potions, which used a large portion of their earnings from the previous mission to save Thistle.

The following day, they went to inspect the warehouse. Knowing from their interrogation of the goblins in the previous session that the front entrance was impassable, they searched for the alternate entrance and found it easily. Thomus disarmed a trap at the entrance, and the pair entered. As they explored, they found room after room of what was once a functional and well-decorated facility. Each room, however opulent it might have been before, showed the telltale signs of goblin habitation: trash strewn about, horrible smells, and destroyed property. They confronted some resistance as they explored, including a handful of guards and some female goblins guarding their young (who they subdued without any women or children casualties). On the way through, they discovered an intriguing burnt chest sealed shut with stone shaped around the handle to resemble a coiled serpent. Finally, they came face to face with the "big boss" they learned about in their interrogation: a bugbear.

With some quick thinking and sound tactics, they managed to lure the bugbear into charging Kjell, and between a timely attack of opportunity and a pair of sneak attacks, managed to fell the creature before it landed a blow.

GM's Note: The combat encounters in this session reminded me just how much impact variance can have when you have so few players. The more players you have the more dice you roll. The more dice you roll, the closer you'll get to average damage output over time. However, if you're only rolling a few each round, the slumps hurt a lot more than usual and the peaks are much more obvious as well.

A huge marble double door stood at the back of the bugbear's throne room, and after searching the room for loot, they approached it. As they tried to open it, the signet ring given to them by Jern in the previous session began vibrating, and the door swung open on its own revealing:

Ahead of you, a corridor winds to the right, then curls left and out of view. Unlit torches line the walls. Dust covers the floor, untouched by any footprints.

And we ended the session there, calculating experience before heading out. Both characters advanced to 2nd level. As usual, if you're in the Hickory area and want to join us, you can find more information here.
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