B is for Black Pudding

Servants of Ghaunadaur, the drow deity of slimes and other foul creatures, often incorporate dangerous oozes into their dwellings to please their god and to deter unwanted guests. One particularly nasty surprise that adventurers run into is the black pudding pit, in which a normal pit trap is made much deadlier by keeping a black pudding at the bottom.

Creating such a trap is complicated, and not only because getting a black pudding into a pit is a dangerous task. Once it is there, the trapsmith must figure out a way to keep it from simply climbing the walls with its suction ability. Some wily mages have taken to experimenting with permanent versions of Charm Monster and similar spells. Others take a riskier but perhaps deadlier approach, using permanent Grease effects on the walls of the pit to make climbing out much harder for the pudding... as well as anyone unfortunate enough to fall in.

Black Pudding PIT TRAP     CR 10
Type mechanical; Perception DC 20; Disable Device DC 20
Trigger location; Reset manual
Effect 20-ft.-deep pit; DC 20 Reflex avoids; multiple targets (all targets in a 10-ft.-square area); any who fail to avoid the trap fall directly on top of a black pudding, dealing falling damage to the pudding rather than the target, but allowing the black pudding to automatically succeed on its first grapple attack against the target

The black pudding fills the entirety of the floor of the pit, so there is nowhere to run. Those who wish to escape the trap must first succeed in breaking its grapple, and then succeed on a DC 20 climb check to escape the pit itself. Those unfortunate enough to have fallen into a pit coated with a permanent grease spell must succeed on a DC 30 climb check to escape.

This month, as a participant in the A-Z Blog Challenge, I'll be writing a post each day (except for Sundays) and letting the alphabet guide my content. Thematically, all of my April posts (at least those related to the blog challenge) will be monster related. Each day, I'll be challenging myself to create an encounter, NPC, location, etc. that features a monster I've never used before in a roleplaying game. Hopefully this will push me to include more variety in my current campaign, and who knows... maybe I'll find a few new favorites.
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