N is for Nymph

I don't know why, but I have had on my mind quite often lately the idea of using traditionally "good" creatures as opponents in RPGs. A few days ago, I wrote up some plot hooks that might lead a group of heroes into conflict with a good monster. Today, with the nymph, I'll suggest a few nymph variants.

  • Too Hot to Touch - The elemental plane of fire holds more beauty than the allure of the flame itself. Nymphs from this plane are literally too hot to touch - dealing an extra 1d6 fire damage with any melee attack they make and inflicting 1d6 fire damage on any attacker who successfully strikes them in melee. Use this simple addition or apply an appropriate template, such as the fire element creature template from Manual of the Planes.
  • Demon Nymph - Thought to be the offspring of an elf and a succubus, this beautiful creature has a deadly allure. They are just as skilled in the art of seduction as their demonic parent, but can hide their true nature for a much longer period of time because of their elf heritage. Apply the fiendish or half-fiend template.
  • Widowed Nymph - This nymph spent many years at the side of a valiant paladin who stood for justice and purity. Together they quested to rid the world of a foul lich, but when he fell victim to the curse of vampirism and she was forced to slay him in his undead form, she turned away from the light. Now she spends her days bitterly wandering the countryside, taking out her pain on those whose relationships are still intact. Add levels of assassin, blackguard, or another villainous prestige class.

This month, as a participant in the A-Z Blog Challenge, I'll be writing a post each day (except for Sundays) and letting the alphabet guide my content. Thematically, all of my April posts (at least those related to the blog challenge) will be monster related. Each day, I'll be challenging myself to create an encounter, NPC, location, etc. that features a monster I've never used before in a roleplaying game. Hopefully this will push me to include more variety in my current campaign, and who knows... maybe I'll find a few new favorites.
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