S is for Salamander

Even though I've always found creatures from the elemental plane of fire alluring, I have somehow neglected the salamander. Perhaps it is because they have been overshadowed by fiery creatures I like more... like effreet, red dragons, and plain old fire elementals. Maybe the salamanders just need a strong revolutionary figure to lead them out of obscurity in my campaigns... could Damodar be it?

Damodar Snakeskin is a young but powerful salamander cleric, departing from the ways of his people to worship Sseth, a yuan-ti deity. He believes that salamanders are long-lost cousins to the yuan-ti, and for the glory of Sseth, the two races should band together in a glorious uprising to overthrow their "masters" in both the elemental plane of fire and the abyss. To this end, he has begun recruiting across the planes. So far he has brought several hundred salamanders and yuan-ti under his banner, and has emissaries speaking to various groups who might prove sympathetic to the cause. Although he has achieved a great deal of personal power, he has yet to secure the loyalty of enough subjects to threaten any entrenched force on either the elemental plane of fire or the abyss, and has thus gone unnoticed by those whose rule he seeks to someday overthrow. The key to his success will be his ability to avoid their attention while he is building his army, for any uprising as ambitious as his own is likely to be stamped out before it ever grows powerful enough to pose a true threat.

This month, as a participant in the A-Z Blog Challenge, I'll be writing a post each day (except for Sundays) and letting the alphabet guide my content. Thematically, all of my April posts (at least those related to the blog challenge) will be monster related. Each day, I'll be challenging myself to create an encounter, NPC, location, etc. that features a monster I've never used before in a roleplaying game. Hopefully this will push me to include more variety in my current campaign, and who knows... maybe I'll find a few new favorites.

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