U is for Unicorn

I have never had a unicorn in one of my games, but I'm working on it. I know that if I can ever convince my wife to play D&D or Pathfinder, she will want one. Whether she plays a high level paladin with one as a mount, or a ranger with an exalted companion, or maybe just one of those healers from the Miniatures Handbook, I'm sure we will it happen.

This month, as a participant in the A-Z Blog Challenge, I'll be writing a post each day (except for Sundays) and letting the alphabet guide my content. Thematically, all of my April posts (at least those related to the blog challenge) will be monster related. Each day, I'll be challenging myself to create an encounter, NPC, location, etc. that features a monster I've never used before in a roleplaying game. Hopefully this will push me to include more variety in my current campaign, and who knows... maybe I'll find a few new favorites.

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