Underdark Campaign Log #4

  • Thomus, Human Rogue (John)
  • Kjell, Dhampir Inquisitor (Andrew)
  • Blue, Human Fighter (Jake)
Although a few of the bar patrons looked interesting, the group decided to leave them alone and retire early. The night passed without incident, and the group awoke the following morning ready to get their reconnaissance mission underway.

Before reporting to the Twisted Tower, they checked in with Tauster to see if he had finished identifying the four potions they left with him the day before. He reported that he had, and that they could be useful. However, he warned that these potions had a dangerous side effect: they made anyone who drank them more susceptible to mind affecting magic (-4 to will saves). Almost as an afterthought, he also mentioned that the potions reeked of fish. Although the smell had no significant effect, it was nonetheless quite potent. After much debate and a failed attempt to sell the potions to Tauster, the party decided that keeping them would be best, if only to use in emergencies.

Moving on, the heroes purchased a few rations from town and then headed to the Twisted Tower. Once there, they began their first descent into the Underdark. The barricaded door (with a convenient peep hole) that protected the inhabited parts of the Twisted Tower from the wild tunnels underneath it was opened for the heroes, and they went through, listening to the loud thuds of the door being closed and barred behind them.

The entry tunnel eventually opened into a long cavern marked by a strong stream running down the center. Nearly eight feet deep at its deepest point, and with no clear way across other than jumping across slick moss-covered rocks, the heroes decided that exploring up and downstream would be more prudent. Downstream proved fruitless, as the ceiling tapered off and the stream eventually disappeared into a tunnel so small that only a few inches of air were accessible above the water line.

Upstream yielded better results, as they noticed several side passages on the other side of the stream as they walked and finally came upon one they could explore. Fortunately, it led them over the river, to a small cavern where they could hear voices speaking orcish through a trio of small holes dug in the floor by a burrowing creature. Unfortunately, the voices stopped when the group made too much noise, and the group wasn’t able to discern exactly what the conversation was about.

Another passage led them under the stream and to a network of caves on the other side. Their first contact underground was with a group of four mongrelmen, who were friendly (or at least not hostile) and who were clearly afraid of something farther along the passage. Thomus, speaking to them in orcish, managed to figure out that they feared the boogins who sometimes came through here, and that each time they came the mongrelmen would flee to the stream and hide. What’s more, the mongrelmen had just heard boogins coming, and were preparing for them when the heroes arrived.

A torch thrown down the opposite passage lured the boogins into investigating, and a crossbow bolt from Kjell prompted them to charge. Thomus and Blue were waiting around the corner, however, and quickly surrounded them after their reckless attacks. It took some clever footwork, maneuvering so that the boogins were always having to fend off attacks from both sides, but the party managed to fell both of them with relative ease.

Noticing that the mongrelmen had long since fled, the heroes explored further, finding a small cavern with a hot springs,a pool of bubbling mud, and large chamber with multiple exits. They decided to leave the hot water and hot mud alone, instead peering down each of the large cavern’s many exits. In the process, they noticed a “secret” passage that wasn’t immediately visible, partially concealed from viewers on the opposite side of the room by stalactites and a full fifteen feet off the ground.

Kjell used his grappling hook bolt and rope to climb the wall, but was attacked by giant spiders as soon as he made it to the landing - he is webbed first, then bitten and poisoned. Blue climbed the rope next, getting webbed as well but breaking free with his superior strength. He was then able to yank Kjell free of the spider’s grip and toss him back down into the main chamber, following him closely. The spiders pursued, fighting the party from positions on the wall, but the spiders were finally defeated when Blue plunged his sword into one directly above him and it fell, further impaling itself on the blade.

Feeling weary but unwilling to return to the tower so soon, the heroes decided to regroup in the lair of the now-friendly mongrelmen.
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