Underdark Campaign Log #6

  • Kjell, Dhampir Inquisitor (Andrew)
  • Thomus, Human Rogue (John)
  • Blue, Human Fighter (Jake)
  • Rurik, Dwarf Barbarian (Stetson)
After last week's game ended on a rather sour note, I was quite pleased that this week went much more smoothly. This week, we caught up with the party just after a battle with a drow priestess in the tunnels under the Twisted Tower of Ashaba. They backtracked to the mongrelfolk lair to rest again, losing track of the catfolk somewhere along that short trip, and reunited with Thomus, the party rogue. Thomus had crept away while the others slept to track the mongrelfolk, who left immediately when they returned to their lair and found the party still there. Thomus witnessed the mongrelfolk get attacked by a centaur-like creature, but with the torso of a drow atop the body of a spider. They were captured, cocooned in webbing, and dragged away.

After a brief discussion, the group decided that regardless of what they intended to do, it would be wise to return to the surface and rest. They could also turn in their map and collect their reward from Thurbal. Thurbal was pleased with their progress in general, but was disappointed that they had not found any trace of the missing scouts, and sounded quite alarmed that they encountered drow. He did describe them, however, as true heroes for having defeated the drow they did come across, and offered an even sweeter deal than before: two hundred gold for every drow slain in the tunnels below and twenty gold for every monstrous humanoid.

They took the offer, and descended once more into the tunnels. They decided to leave the drider alone for the moment, and further investigate the area where they encountered the drow previously. As they suspected, there were more where she came from. Journeying not much farther down the tunnels, they came to a rope bridge across a deep chasm, with two quaggoth guards on the other side of the bridge.

Luckily for the group, they noticed before charging across that the bridge was not as it appeared. Some sort of illusion made it look sturdy, although the planks that made up the walkway were actually rotten and in some places missing altogether. Still, the quaggoths started hurling stones at them, and a choice had to be made: get to the other side or retreat. Rurik took the lead, getting almost to the other side of the bridge but stepping on a rotten plank and nearly falling into the chasm. Blue made it safely across and helped him back to safety, while the quaggoths continued to slow their progress by hurling rocks their way.

Once the party got past the troublesome bridge, the quaggoth guards were defeated easily, and the entrance to the drow outpost was theirs. The first room they entered was full of grimlock guards, as well as one drow warrior. They noticed the group immediately, and prepared for the assault as the heroes entered the room. The grimlocks rushed the intruders, while the drow moved along the far wall, headed for the exit but firing his hand crossbow along the way. Luckily, he was cut off before he could get to the next room and warn the others.

The next room contained a furnace, with four svirfneblin smiths working metal under the observation of two drow guards. Svirfnebling women and children, seven in all, were shackled on the opposite side of the room with a few tons of boulders suspended above their heads with a net. One drow guard stood by the workers, while the other stood by a rope attached to the net. Rurik charged in, attempting to grapple the guard near the rope. He failed to get a firm grip, but did force the guard away from the rope itself. In the end, one of the drow fell in combat, while the other escaped, the four svirfneblin smiths chasing him through the door at the opposite end of the room with their hammers.

Although there was talk of barring the door and resting, the group decided to free the slaves first, using some of the smithing tools to break the shackles. Unfortunately, the four svirfneblin seemed to have been unsuccessful in tracking down and killing the remaining drow guard. He returned with backup, another guard and a spellcaster. This time, there was no holding back. The drow spellcaster plunged the whole room into magical darkness, and while Blue was able to produce his magical light-ball to counter the effects in a small area, the party was still at a significant disadvantage. After several rounds of getting pelted with magical blasts of energy, the group finally managed to corner the mage and land a few blows.

The drow had the last laugh, however, as he teleported away, and an illusion of himself that he left behind cackled until someone attacked it and it dissipated. The heroes, having had enough of these drow, freed the remaining women and children and went back to the surface.

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