A-Z Monster Round Up

Last month I wrote about a lot of monsters - 26, to be exact. The only commonality among them was that they had to be monsters I've never used in an RPG before, and it ended up a pretty eclectic bunch. For each one, I tried to come up with ways I could use it in my current campaign... and some entries were tougher than others. These were the highlights:

Coolest Monster: Zin-Carla
Yeah, yeah, yeah... of course I would pick the one that was drow themed as the coolest monster. I do think, though, that an undead drow warrior being mentally controlled by a priestess of Lolth is a wickedly cool opponent. I might not think that if I was one of the players having to fight it, but as the game master, I think it's awesome.

Worst Monster: Unicorn
Despite how much my wife likes unicorns... they're still pretty lame. She will probably fuss at me for saying this, too... but it doesn't change the facts.

Best Written Post: Black Pudding
This one came early in the month, before work sapped so much of my energy for writing... and I am pretty proud of the trap I devised for this post.

Worst Written Post: Ettin
After I wrote this post and a weird glitch deleted it for me, I put it on my to-do list to go back and rewrite the original. Sadly, that never happened... so the ettin post is but a shadow of its former glory.

Best Picture: Purple Worm
This was the first post in which I used my own miniatures and scenery with the photo editing power of pixlr. I am still impressed with how easy it is to take something relatively simple and make it look much more professional.

Worst Picture: Owlbear
Yeah, this one came from the old 1st edition Monster Manual... and it is pretty terrible. Strangely enough, I really like a lot of the 70's and early 80's D&D artwork, but this one stands out as a stinker in my opinion. I may or may not have chosen artwork I didn't like because it is also a monster I don't like.
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