Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Link Dump

I just ran across a link for Deep Magic, which sounds pretty amazing. I'm a big fan of the reserve feats from Complete Mage, and it irritates me sometimes that certain classes don't have specific subtypes of spells to hit the prerequisites sooner. This book is likely to change that. With the addition of this many spells, surely my bard would be able to take Fiery Burst with just second level spells.

For anyone out there not in the know, the Aurora Borealis phenomenon is great inspiration for what a major magic-related event might look like.

Paizo posted an editing position on their jobs page. I don't think I meet the "six years of editing experience" prerequisite, but I might if my experience as an English teacher would count. Hmmmmm....

This pic was titled super squirrels. I expected a Superman, but alas...
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