Used Book Stores - RPG Treasure Troves

I'm not a big fan of paying full price for stuff if I don't have to... and I know I'm not the only one. Unfortunately, roleplaying games are such a niche hobby that it is difficult to find them in just any old yard sale or Goodwill book section. Used book stores, while still not a sure bet for finding RPGs, are much more likely to be gold mines if you're looking for a sweet deal. Sure, you can find Dragonlance novels in just about any used book store, but here are a few used book stores in my area that sell actual RPG rulebooks.

North State Books in Lincolnton, NC
Remember me telling you about the time I "sold" my D&D books and bought Rifts books to take their place? Well years later, before eBay was a thing, I was able to purchase a copy of every 1st edition D&D book I ever owned (except for Fiend Folio) at this place. The last time I went in, they didn't have any game books in stock, but they did have a bunch of the old Endless Quest books.

Downtown Books and News in Asheville, NC
This place is awesome. They have lots of roleplaying games... especially D&D 4E. I did snag a copy of Green Ronin's Modern Magic the last time I was there, though. It also helps that they're right across the street from one of the most amazing Indian restaurants I've ever been to.

The Last Word in Charlotte, NC
I was supposed to take my wife here on our first date, but we talked so long in the restaurant that The Last Word closed before we got there. When I went the next time (on Valentines Day, if I remember correctly), I picked up a copy of the first edition Manual of the Planes. Yeah, we are huge nerds.
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