Azandir Campaign Log #2

Our heroes picked up right where they left off, and went on exploring the sewers under Celestia's Gray Quarter after resting in the guard station.

  • Fash - Whisper Gnome Fighter-Rogue (Stetson)
  • Kid Curry - Halfling Fighter-Rogue (Jake)
  • Snapdragon - Kender Wizard-Alchemist (Jammie)
  • Telamar - Half-Drow Ranger-Cleric (Me)
The first area of any import that they came upon was filled with tents and clearly impoverished  people. Although Snapdragon tried to talk to some of them, she got few answers to her questions. These were assumed to be the squatters that the guards spoke of before running off to try to save Celestia. Although the guards seemed to be annoyed by their presence, these were pathetic creatures. They seemed neither threatening nor useful, so the heroes left them alone and moved on. Although they did stumble onto another pair of duct tape golems (adherers), they found nothing else of interest and headed through the door to the mountain pass.

The boneclaw miniature represents an enlarged adherer.
Before they went too far, our heroes found themselves face to face with a gigantic version of the duct tape golems. It stood twice as tall (perhaps more) as any of the others, and when they closed in, they noticed eyes circling its head. This was the queen of the adherers, and she was not alone. After a hard fought battle, the heroes emerged victorious and they were able to head out into the mountain pass itself.

Finally outside, the group found themselves amid cliff faces that extended hundreds of feet above them. They could hear howling in the distance, but otherwise seemed to be alone. As they traveled farther, however, they encountered some wolves. Telamar was able to calm them enough to prevent an immediate attack, but they still looked quite threatening whenever the group tried to pass by, and a fight seemed inevitable. Unfortunately, there were quite a few more wolves than the group could see, and what looked like it might be a quick fight turned into an extended affair.

Once again, the heroes won in the end... and Telamar was even able to save one of the wolves with some healing magic. With his ranger's charm, he befriended the beast, and it began following at his heels as they traveled through the pass, to the road, and onward to a town in the distance.
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