Dragon Kings

Painting by Brom
Almost a year ago, Timothy Brown announced a project that (as far as I know) has never been done before - the creation of a campaign setting with fiction, art, and music all involved from the beginning. Better yet, it's inspired by the Dark Sun campaign setting, which I used to love back in the 2nd edition era of D&D. Now his vision is complete, and ready for release.

If this sounds even remotely interesting to you, I would encourage you to visit www.dragonkingsproject.com and at least download the Gazeteer. It's a free PDF, and if you like what's inside, you can purchase the campaign setting PDF and/or the music.

The best part is that there will soon be a Pathfinder supplement, so running a Pathfinder game in the Dragon Kings setting won't require so much GM legwork. 
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