Friday Link Dump 6/27/2014

For this week's link dump, I want to start by introducing you to the Drow War series by Mongoose Publishing. I started glancing back through these books for inspiration since my own campaign is getting closer to the group actually traveling through the underdark (and spending some time with the drow). It's one of those super-campaign adventure path style series, but this one takes characters from first to thirtieth level. That's right. Level thirty. Granted, I haven't read through the third book in the series because I can't imagine a campaign actually lasting that long before my gamer ADHD wants to try something different, but it still sounds pretty awesome.
Next up, we have an excellent article about the good guys, particularly how to make them less Lawful Stupid and more in line with what true heroes look like in real life (and in good fiction). Check out Good Isn't Stupid, or weak, or nice at Don't Split the Party.

Last, we have a little nostalgic piece. I remember having some of those little plastic monsters when I was a kid, but my understanding back then was the exact opposite of what actually happened. I thought the toy company was making D&D toys, and I thought it was awesome! Check out Throwback Thursday: Rust Monster over at Ultanya.
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