Review: Character Sheets by Dyslexic Studios

It isn't often that I find character sheets worth bragging on. They're essential to the game, but they're such a basic component that it's hard for a character sheet to break the mold enough for me to notice. Dyslexic Studios managed to get my attention, though.
Their character sheets aren't completely over the top in the way that they present information. I've seen others with similar layouts. However, what they do well is ask you a series of questions about your character before you download a sheet. The resulting download includes all the class options (including support for class archetypes) you picked so that you won't have to remember the answers to questions like, "Where did I put that special ability?" The results remind me of the class-specific character sheets on the WotC site, but multiclass/gestalt characters are supported because you get to specify what you want included on the sheet.

But that's not all. This site includes quite a few other options as well, including...
  • Generating multiple character sheets at once to get the whole party in on the action
  • "GM Character Sheets" with hex grids, timelines, character tracking sheets, and other useful tools
  • The option to print character sheets in a range of colors
If you're frustrated with the rigidity of the character sheets you've been using, I would suggest giving these a shot. Click here to check them out.
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