Troll and Toad Stops Selling Pathfinder?

I've been trading Magic cards for store credit with Troll and Toad for over six months now. Initially, I just wanted more Magic cards, but since our little Pathfinder group has been going so well, I decided to start cashing in store credit for Pathfinder books. Unfortunately, I found out some startling news. Here's the exchange I had with someone in their customer service department. I summarized the exchange in text, but feel free to click the images for the full messages.

Me: I want to buy more Pathfinder stuff, but I can't even find the product pages for stuff you're advertising as "Now Available."

T&T: Sorry, we aren't selling these products anymore. When we sell out of what we have, we won't be restocking.

That's frustrating, especially considering I had (at the time) several hundred dollars of store credit that I wanted to spend on Pathfinder products. I have since spent some of that on D&D Miniatures and a few items in their RPG clearance sale, but I don't foresee doing any more trades with them if they don't plan on carrying the products I want.

Is this bad news for Paizo? Is Troll and Toad anticipating a lack of interest in Pathfinder once D&D Next is released? If it's just anticipation, I understand their hesitance to invest in a product that won't sell. Or are Pathfinder product sales slipping already? Hmmmmmm...

6/16/14 Update: As of June 13th, several Pathfinder books were restocked. On June 16th, some flip mats and map packs were added as well. You can still find a much better stock at Noble Knight Games, but it looks like Troll and Toad does plan to keep a few Pathfinder products in stock. 
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