Underdark Campaign Log #12

Last week, we left off with our heroes in Dagger Falls trying to negotiate some trades with a half-drow merchant for magic equipment. This week, they investigated a few local rumors and concluding those trades... and then the "fun" started.

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  • Kjell, Dhampir Inquisitor (Andrew) 
  • Blue, Human Fighter (Jake) 
  • Rurik, Dwarf Barbarian (Stetson) 
  • Mercy, Half-Orc Ranger (Jammie)
The group spent a total of eight days in Dagger Falls, mostly resting and taking in the local scene. Kjell spent time recruiting for his order, Mercy bonded with her cat, Rurik looked for a way to get under the city, and Blue drank the time away at the local tavern. During their downtime, they picked up on a few local rumors: 
  • the disappearance of several mages that has been attributed to Zhentarim assassins (an illusionist who was new to town, a merchant nobody liked because she had been accused of duping customers with magic, and an enchanter who was known for locking himself up in his tower for long periods of time)
  • a sudden influx of coins that nobody seems to recognize (but that appear to be dwarven)
  • a relatively absent town guard due to their reassignment to restoration duties after a dragon attack a few weeks ago, as well as the mysterious (but welcome) disappearance of the thieves guild
They did a little investigating into the disappearance of the mages, as well as the mysterious coins. They met a giant of a man named Ort who lost his lover (the merchant) to lizard men kidnappers, which contradicted the Zhentarim story. Unfortunately, they weren't able to turn up much information on the coins except for the fact that they seem to be dwarven in origin and that they might be worth more than their expected value to the right collector.

After eight days, they met with Hadrogh at the Broken Dagger. He offered them a job as guards for his caravan, promising them 10 gp each per day, 750 gp each upon arrival, and 10% of his profits to be split among themselves. He described the journey as a long one, perhaps a month in travel time, and one his barbarian friends refused to go on because so much of the trip would be underground. After some discussion, they agreed to take the job and were informed that they would be leaving the following morning.

Just when they were wrapping up their conversation, they noticed that the moon was no longer visible through the windows of the tavern, obscured by a thick mist. A scream came from somewhere outside, and several more followed. Our heroes left to see what was going on. As they exited the door of the Broken Dagger, the wind cleared the mist just enough for them to see over a dozen lizard men in the streets, snatching people (some of whom looked paralyzed) and dragging them back toward an open sewer grate. Then one of the lizardfolk closest to the open grate finished casting a spell and the mist thickened once again.

The group rushed into action. Kjell's blistering invective lit some of their opponents on fire, enabling them to be seen vaguely through the mist, and Mercy was able to pick several of these off with her bow. Meanwhile, Rurik and Blue charged toward the spellcasting lizards, only to find that they weren't there to fight at all... each of the lizard men retreated into the sewers with their captives rather than engage with our heroes.

When the last of the lizard men on the street was killed, the mist began to clear. Hadrogh was now in the street, kneeling beside one of his now-dead barbarian guards. Full of despair, he announced, "I'm ruined! You have to get it back!" When the group asked him what he needed, he described a gray bag of holding with merchandise inside. 

Although our heroes were a little hesitant, Rurik led the way into the sewers. They spotted the lizardfolk retreating further and further down the tunnels, but were accosted by several plant creatures, hindering their progress. The greatest of these was a tendriculos lurking in the murky water of a large chamber.

Yep, that's one of Paizo's flip-mats.
After a tough battle, complicated by the terrain and the long reach of the creature's tentacles, Blue managed to fell the creature with a critical hit from Natalie (his frosty magic greatsword).

Next week, we'll see what else awaits the group in the sewers under Dagger Falls. Can they catch the lizardfolk kidnappers before something terrible befalls their captives? Will they be able to recover Hadrogh's precious bag of holding?

For more information on the campaign, click here.
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