3.5 Jackpot at the Used Book Store

I posted a few months back about how used book stores can be treasure troves for RPG fans. Here's a fine example.

My wife and I strolled into Downtown Books and News last Saturday with some books I was looking to get rid of... partly because I want to clear some room in the man cave for more goodies, but mostly because my wife and I are both avid readers, and combining our personal libraries last year was rough. Basically, we needed to make some room for non-book items.

I drop off the books on the counter and go browsing. I know where to look, though, because I've been here before... this section:
Note: This pic was taken after I had already pulled
several goodies off the shelf.
The lady who had been counting my trade-in books found us, and gave us our quote. We managed to buy four 3.5 books that were on my wish list, as well as some stuff for her art classroom... and spent only $4 of real money. I picked up these goodies:
Complete Adventurer, Races of Stone, Dungeon Master's Guide II, and Miniatures Handbook

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